Mission Statement

Slaters' Counseling Services is built upon the belief that individuals possess the necessary skills to acquire harmony in self, family and community; that this innate drive is unique to a person and a situation while vulnerable to the challenges that are inherent to today's society. Our goal is to assist in removing any obstacle you are experiencing that inhibits your ability to fully participate and enjoy your life. This is achieved through education, support and both individual and group therapy. Our education and support draws on our many years in both private and public service while our therapeutic support is eclectic.


Individuals, Couples and Families


Seeking counseling can help to decrease anxiety and stress, improve communication in relationships and make a positive difference in your emotional well-being. Counseling can help you and your family:


New Parents and Parents with young children


Slaters' Counseling Services provides education and therapeutic support for parents of children ages birth through three years of age. The early developmental years are both exciting and challenging. Successfully meeting these development goals lay the "blueprint" for your baby's healthy development. Our services are designed to assist you to identify and alleviate any blocks that interrupt the formation of the healthy and important bond between you and your very young child.


A major concern in the early parent/child relationship is the presence of postpartum depression. This diagnosis can be made up through the first year of your baby's life and can be devastating if left untreated. Slaters' Counseling Services is uniquely qualified to provide therapeutic services to parents' coping with this problem. While being a parent of a newborn is considered to be one of the greatest joys in one's life, untreated postpartum depression can cause isolation, depression and a sense of loss and guilt. You are not alone and there are recognized short term treatments for you and your family.



Adoptive Parenting


Slaters' Counseling Services provide therapeutic support and education for parents considering adoption as well as:


Substance Abuse


Slaters' Counseling Services provide substance abuse assessments, individual therapy and group therapy for adults and youth with a substance abuse problem.
Some of the issues that we deal with are:


Adult Children with Elderly Parents in Transition


Slaters' Counseling Services offers the following for adults with elderly parents: